Competition rules

on this page you find the rules for all competitions including the horses in action events.


General Competition Rules

 1.  Closing date for all entries is listed on page 3 and will be strictly adhered to.

 2.  You must use a separate entry form, for each person, for each section.                                                                               3.  Sections may include up to three levels and these will be:

  • Beginner / Novice (convener may use either word): This is a person that has not won more than 3 first prizes in that class at a show.

  •   Intermediate / Hobbyist (convener may use either word):  This is a person who is experienced in their field, includes those who have won three first prizes as a beginner / novice in that class.

  • Open / Professional (convener may use either word): A person who teaches or sells products i.e. has a monetary gain from their craft or hobby or a person who has won three first prizes in the intermediate / hobbyist level.

 4.  Any queries should be referred to the respective convener.

 5.  All exhibits must be the exhibitor’s own work unless otherwise specified.

 6.  If an exhibit is entered in the wrong class, the section convener has the right to relocate to the correct class.

 7.  Exhibitors must write description on cards as listed in book.

 8.  Junior exhibitors – 16 years and under – must state age on card and entry forms.

 9. All entries in main stadium to be staged at times stated, unless prior permission is received from the section convener.

 10. Exhibits arriving after staging times have been closed may, by permission of the convener, be exhibited, but NOT                 judged for competition.

 11. The judges are empowered to award a prize, whether there are one or more exhibits, providing they deem the exhibit           worthy.

 12. A judge may award a second prize in lieu of first or third prize in lieu of second.

 13. Protests, in writing, and accompanied by a deposit of $30 (horses see Section A rules), must be lodged with the                     Secretary before 3pm Saturday.  Deposit to be forfeited if the protest is not upheld. Any prize may be withheld in                 consequence of a protest, and shall be dealt with by the committee, whose decision shall be final. 

 14. Entries must be collected between 3pm and 4pm Sunday.  The Stadium and Hughes Pavilion are closed between 2pm           and 3pm to prepare for removal of exhibits and will be in lockdown – no one can enter during these times.

       No exhibit is to be removed before 3pm on the last day of the show unless special permission obtained.  No exhibits             to be removed without knowledge of the section convener, and showing of receipt card.  This will be strictly enforced.

 15. Prize money paid in each section, can be collected from the section convener between 3pm and 4pm on Sunday.                   Horses will be paid during the competition.



 17. PRIZE MONEY not collected on show day is to be collected from the Show Society Office Monday 22nd and Tuesday               23rd August between 10am and 4pm, after which all unclaimed monies will be forfeited to the Society funds.

 18. Every possible care will be taken of exhibits, but the Society will not be responsible for any damage or loss that may             occur.

 19. Any exhibitor giving false information about their exhibit with the intention of deceiving or defrauding the Society shall          be banned from exhibiting, and particulars of the case recorded in the Society’s proceedings.

 20. Any exhibit entered for competition deemed to be offensive in any way, or liable to cause injury to exhibitors or the             public, shall be removed, if considered necessary by the Secretary or President.

 21. Any exhibitor found interfering in any way with prize cards shall forfeit all prizes awarded to them.

 22. No exhibit is eligible for a prize in more than one class (Section A exempt).

 23. Any exhibitor or attendant with an exhibit, or person giving annoyance to the Judge, making use of abusive language           to the Committee or Secretary, shall be liable to have his/her exhibit disqualified and removed from the Showground.

 24. Previous prize-winning entries from either 2018 or 2019 shows are not eligible. (Section A, B, D & U exempt).

Horses In Action Rules

Rules & Conditions of Entry:


  1. All horse entries must be addressed to The Secretary, PO Box 160, WHYALLA SA 5600 or delivered to the Show Office Jubilee Park Whyalla Stuart.

  2. All entries $3.00 per class. Entries close Wednesday 10th August. Late entries accepted at convener’s discretion (an additional $10 late fee will apply). Entries will not be accepted without completion of entry forms, waivers and payment.

  3. All exhibitors and horses enter at their own risk and must sign a waiver upon entering.

  4. All exhibitors must be Members of the Whyalla Show Society. Membership passes must be produced on show day to compete.

  5. The Whyalla Show Society shall not be responsible for any damage or injury occasioned to any exhibit or property of any exhibitor(s) from any cause whatsoever. No person shall be allowed in the ring during judging except the Judges, Stewards, Reporters, Secretaries and persons in charge of exhibits, unless invited by the President of the Society, or with the written consent of the Secretary or Convener.

  6. The Whyalla Show Society reserves the right (on veterinary advice) to refuse any animal, if judged unfit or diseased, to take part in any way, and for the animal to be removed from the grounds. Veterinary’s decision is final.

  7. The Whyalla Show Society reserves the right to alter the program and/or judges. Classes may be cancelled if there are insufficient entries. NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE.

  8. RANDOM SWABBING MAY TAKE PLACE AT THIS SHOW. The Whyalla Show Society reserves the right to test any animal for drug or stimulant, but will not be held responsible for any injury or death caused by such a test. The bylaws on the test and swabbing approved by the SA branch of EA will apply.

  9. The judges’ decision is final subject to all other conditions being met.

  10. Competitors who enter in ring 3 are eligible to compete in ring 2. This includes horse/rider combinations. Note you must be entered in ring 3 to be able to ride in ring 2.

  11. Horse/rider combinations entered in ring 2 ONLY are INELIGIBLE to compete in ring 3 with the exception of the pony club classes

  12. It will be up to the judge’s discretion if classes/rings are held.

  13. All protests shall be in writing to the Secretary accompanied by a $30 protest fee, to be received no later than 30 minutes after the event.

  14. There will be NO measuring available at the show unless the Whyalla Show Society deems that it is required to assist with determining an outcome as part of a protest.

  15. STALLIONS are permitted in Ring 1 only and must be handled or ridden at all times by a person over 18 years.  Competitors must bring suitable stallion yards. They must comply with EA rules pertaining to stallions

  16. This show will be conducted in accordance with the rules, regulations and bi-laws of SA Country Shows and the Agricultural Show Society of SA. Competitors are advised it is their responsibility to read and abide by the rules.

  17. Should a competitor require a person to hold a horse in the ring they must be adequately attired with full covered shoes on.

  18. Ages stipulated are the age of the riders on the first day of the Show.

  19. Dogs to be kept on a leash or tied up at all times

  20. All riders must wear approved helmets and boots.

  21. All horse and rider gear including saddlery and riding apparel must be in good working order. Random checks for safety of gear may take place. Any competitor with gear deemed to be unsafe will not be allowed to compete.

  22. Horses are not to be lunged on the oval. There are two working areas available on the grounds.

  23. Horse stalls will be allocated for out of town horses first, in order of entries being received, $5 per stall per day. All bedding and manure must be cleaned from stalls before departure into walkways or a fine will be applicable. Horses must not be moved from allocated stalls without permission from the convener. The Whyalla Show Society reserves the right to evict any horses in stalls that have not been allocated.