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Whyalla Show Competition

Each year the whyalla show hosts a compition to display the talents of locals as well as people from all  the country. We have many sections to help show off the final porducts of nearly any passion or hobby that someone could do. The Whyalla Show competition is a great oppotunity to showcase your work even just admire the work of others.

Over 20 catogries!  

From arranged flowers to crafts and hobbies, the Whyalla show has a variety of catogories to help show off the talent of the people in our area. some of our categories include everything from cookery to art.  for more information on all the sections in the competition pick up a copy of our show book at the office or download the book here!

Show Off Your Schools Talent!

We have catogories for all students from preschool to secondary school students. Displaying your schools art work is a great way to show the town your students' hard work and talent. Simply print out the entry form below and fill out the students details and follow the instructions. 

Beginners and Professionals! 

We offer categories for all skill levels. Most sections contain seperate classes for beginners, intermediate, and professionals so each exhibitor will be competing against others of a similar skill level.

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