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Saturday, August 20
Sunday, August 21


June                             Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday           10am – 3pm

July                              Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday           10am – 3pm


              1 - 19            Monday to Friday                                   10am – 4pm

              13 & 14          Saturday & Sunday                                 10am – 3pm

              20 & 21          SHOW WEEKEND                           Sat     10am – 10pm

                                    HOURS                                         Sun    10am – 4pm

              22 & 23          Monday & Tuesday                                10am – 4pm


Westland Shopping Centre

   Membership and enquiries only:              Thursday 28th  July   10am – 5pm

        On this day Show Office open for entries

   Entries accepted at Westland on:                Friday 5th August   10am – 5pm



A baby feeding area is available in the Rotary shed.  Entry is through the main door facing the grassed entertainment area.  Look for the signs.




  • All motorists must place their cars in the space allocated to them by parking officials, or as signs direct.  Vehicles not parked in the correct place may be reported to police.


  • The Society will not be responsible for any accidents or mishaps that may occur on the grounds throughout the duration of the show.


  • Any person found damaging or stealing any exhibits or property will be prosecuted.


  • Dogs are not permitted on the grounds unless special arrangements are made with the show secretary.


Helpful hints to remember include:


  • There are no ATM facilities at Jubilee Park - take enough money with you.


  • There are no passouts from the showground. 


  • When you arrive at Jubilee Park show the children how to locate the show office so that in the event of their becoming separated from you they know where to go for help.


  • Take care with money and valuables – a LOST AND FOUND service operates from the Whyalla Show stall in the stadium.


  • Take full advantage of the free entertainment provided – ensure you receive your program and map at the gate.


  • Why not take a break to sit and watch the horses in action. 








Show Dates And Times:
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