Roving Entertainment


A variety of performers that can be found moving around the show grounds. These interactive characters create great photo oportunities and are great entertainment for the whole family! 

Almost Tame

This year we have a trio act which is Almost Tame, a stilt walking lion tamer with two walking, talking lions who always get themselves in trouble. Almost Tame comes with a giant sized chariot for the lion tamer to "ride in". This act is very playful, and often the lion tamer is looking to swap his lion for someone's partner or child, where they are recruited to pull the chariot and behave like a lion


This year be sure to look out for R2D2! You can find him wandering around at the front of the show office.


Stilt Police Trio

Here's another trio you can expect to see around the show grounds! These are oafish officers who go around getting themselves in to trouble as they try to find the biggest trouble makers at the Show. (And it's always the ones you least suspect)

Tubby The Robot

By popular demand Tubby the robot will be back this year on his huge scooter!