Saturday Ring 1

Sunday Ring 1

Horses in Action Entry Form


Under 18 Waiver Form

Over 18 Waiver Form


 Horses In Action

please note that this information is from last year as the 2017 line up has not been finalised. This page will be updated closer to the event. Those competing in this section must fill out both an entry form and a waiver form. You can download these forms here.







CONVENER:        Sophie Barratt                       (




ENTRY FEE:            Hacking - $3 per class

                                    Showjumping - as per schedule


                        Hacking – 1st place $6, except where a trophy or prize is awarded for 1st  place.

                                             2nd place $4

                         Showjumping – as per schedule

There will be no prize money paid if there are under 4 paid entries in a class




JUDGING: to commence at 8.30am SHARP on Saturday and Sunday.

Due to the large number of classes – judging may take place on the circle to meet this deadline.



  • All horses to be measured unless official certificate produced at measuring stand.

  • $5-00 measuring fee for non registered horses or $10.00 for and official EA measurement certificate.  Official measurement for unregistered horses $30. Money to be paid to measurer.

  • Measuring for local horses will be by appointment only with the Official EPSA   Measurer,  Les Hosking  0407 729 056.

  • Measuring for all other horses will be available Friday 14th 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th 7.00 am – 8.30 am



Maiden Class:  Mounts or riders who have not won a first prize in an individual hack/rider 

                          class at any show or gymkhana.




Whyalla Show Society Perpetual  trophy:  for Champion Local Junior Rider.


Covino Kennels: ‘Templewood Tiara’  Memorial  trophy  for 1st place Pleasure Pony.

GARLANDS: Donated by Beth Spurling, Samphire Park Stud. ’Prestige Show Garlands’.

Brian Barber: for Champion local horse.


Rules & Conditions of Entry (All exhibitors please read)

  • All horse entries addressed to The Secretary, PO Box 160, WHYALLA SA 5600 or delivered to

        the Show Office Jubilee Park Whyalla Stuart.

  • All exhibitors and horses enter at their own risk and must sign a waiver upon entering.

  • The Whyalla Show Society shall not be responsible for any damage or injury occasioned to any

        exhibit or property of any exhibitor(s) from any cause whatsoever.

  • The Whyalla Show society reserves the right (on veterinary advice) to refuse any animal, if judged

unfit or diseased, to take part in any way, and for the animal to be removed from the grounds. Veterinary’s decision is final.

  • The organising committee reserve the right to alter the programme, judges or schedule.

  • Random swabbing may take place at this show. The Whyalla Show society reserves the right to test

any animal for drug or stimulant, but will not be held responsible for any injury or death caused by such a test. The bylaws on the test and swabbing approved by the SA branch of EA will apply.

  • The judges decision is final subject to all other conditions being met.

  • All protests shall be in writing to the Secretary accompanied by a $20 protest fee, to be received no   

        later than 30 minutes after the event.

  • STALLIONS are permitted in Rings 1 only and must be handled or ridden at all times by a

        person over 18 years.  Competitors must bring suitable stallion yards.

  • This show will be conducted in accordance with the rules, regulations and bi-laws of SA Country

        Shows and the Agricultural Show Society. Competitors are advised it is their responsibility to read

        and abide by the rules.

  • Should a competitor require a strapper to hold a horse in the ring they must be adequately attired

        with full covered shoes on.

  • Dogs are not permitted on the grounds.  Unless special arrangements are made with the show


  • All riders anywhere on the grounds are required to wear approved safety helmets and boots. Please

        check your helmets are compliant to current regulations.

  • The show society reserves the right to combine, alter or delete


    classes with insufficient entries.

  • Lead Rein classes are for riders unable to ride unassisted and must stay led for all events throughout

        the weekend in all rings. Persons leading horses/ponies must wear covered shoes.

  • All horses competing


    in hack rings must be officially measured unless they are in possession of a

        current EA or SHC height certificate.

  • Horse stalls will be allocated for out of town horses first, in order of entries being received, $5 per

        stall per day.  Before departure all bedding and manure must be cleaned from stalls into walkways or

        a fine will be applicable. Horses must not be moved from allocated stalls without permission from the

        convener. The Whyalla Show Society reserves the right to evict any horses in stalls that have not

        been allocated.

  • CAMPING - If staying on the grounds overnight camping fees must be paid.  Power is available if

        required.  A fee of $12 per night site rental is to be paid with entries 

  • Late entries will incur a fee of $10 per horse and will not be accepted if the fee is not paid with late

        entries. ENTRIES on the day $10.00 per event plus entry fee.

  • Horses in pleasure classes must be exhibited in a snaffle bit only.

  • All horse and rider gear including saddlery and riding apparel must be in good working order.

        Random checks for safety of gear may take place. Any competitor with gear deemed to be unsafe

        will not be allowed to compete.

  • All local events must be a local horse ridden by a local rider. A local horse to be owned or leased by

        a local resident in the local area – Whyalla Council District –  for a minimum of 3 months prior to the  

        event.  Proof may be required.    

  • Any horse or rider competing in Official Rings 2 and 3 are not eligible to ride Ring 4 unless stated in


  • No more than 2 horses in the show jumping warm up area at a time.

  • There will be no prize money paid if there are under 4 paid entries in the class in question.


2016 Whyalla Show Horse event sponsors




All entries $3.00 per class 
Horses to compete in either show horse OR show hunter classes, not both
Any horse/rider combination competing in ring 2 is INELIGIBLE to compete in ring 3 with the exception of classes 166 to 169 inclusive.

It will be up to the judge’s discretion if classes/rings are held

OFF THE TRACK QUALIFIER to be held 12pm to 12.30pm regardless of class being judged

8.30am START


Ponies under 12.2hh must be ridden by a rider under 14 years

1.      Shetland 10.2hh and under

2.      Pony hack ne 11.2hh

3.      Pony hack 11.2hh ne 12hh

4.      Pony hack 12hh ne 12.2hh

5.      Pony hack 12.2hh ne 13hh 

6.      Pony hack 13hh ne 13.2hh 

7.      Pony hack 13.2hh ne 14hh

8.      Lightweight pony hack ne 12.2hh

9.      Heavyweight pony hack ne 12.2hh

10.    Lightweight pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

11.    Heavyweight pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

12.    Open pony hack ne 12.2hh

13.    Open Pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION PONY – winners of classes 1 to 13 inc 
14.    Rider under 12yrs

15.    Rider 12yrs and under 15yrs

16.    Rider 15yrs and under 18yrs
CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION JUNIOR RIDER – winners of classes 14 to 16 inc

17.    Galloway hack 14hh ne 14.2hh

18.    Galloway hack 14.2hh ne 15hh

19.    Lightweight Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

20.    Heavyweight Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

21.    Open Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION GALLOWAY – winners of classes 17 to 21 inc

22.    Hack 15hh ne 15.2hh

23.    Hack 15.2hh ne 16hh

24.    Hack 16hh ne 16.2hh 

25.    Hack over 16.2hh 

26.    Lightweight hack 15hh ne 16hh 

27.    Heavyweight hack 15hh ne 16hh

28.    Lightweight hack over 16hh

29.    Heavyweight hack over 16hh

30.    Open hack 15hh ne 16hh

31     Open Hack over 16hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION HACK – winners of classes 22 to 31 inc

32.    Rider 18yrs and under 21yrs

33.    Rider 21yrs and under 30yrs

34.    Rider 30yrs and over
CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION SENIOR RIDER – winners of classes 32 to 34 inc

35.    Show hunter pony hack ne 11.2hh

36.    Show hunter pony hack 11.2hh ne 12hh

37.    Show hunter pony hack 12hh ne 12.2hh

38.    Show hunter pony hack 12.2hh ne 13hh 

39.    Show hunter pony hack 13hh ne 13.2hh 

40.    Show hunter pony hack 13.2hh ne 14hh 

41.    Lightweight show hunter pony hack ne 12.2hh

42.    Heavyweight show hunter pony hack ne 12.2hh

43.    Lightweight show hunter pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

44.    Heavyweight show hunter pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

45.    Open show hunter pony hack ne 12.2hh 

46.    Open show hunter pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION SHOW HUNTER PONY–winners of classes 35 to 46 inc


47.    Show hunter Galloway hack 14hh ne 14.2hh

48.    Show hunter Galloway hack 14.2hh ne 15hh

49.    Lightweight show hunter Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

50.    Heavyweight show hunter Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

51.    Open show hunter Galloway 14hh ne 15hh



52.    Show hunter Hack 15hh ne 15.2hh

53.    Show hunter Hack 15.2hh ne 16hh

54.    Show hunter Hack 16hh ne 16.2hh 

55.    Show hunter Hack over 16.2hh 

56.    Lightweight show hunter hack 15hh ne 6hh 

57.    Heavyweight show hunter hack 15hh ne 16hh

58.    Lightweight show hunter hack over 16hh

59.    Heavyweight show hunter hack over 16hh

60.    Open show hunter hack 15hh ne 16hh

61.    Open show hunter hack over 16hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION SHOW HUNTER HACK–winners of classes 52 to 61 inc




All entries $3.00 per class 
Competitors in ring 3 MAY compete in ring 2. It will be up to the judge’s discretion if classes/rings are held

Classes marked LED (67 – 73 including Champion Led Junior Rider and Champion Pony-Led) are for riders that have not yet mastered riding on their own. If a rider enters a LED class this prevents the same rider from competing in any other class off the lead. They must remain led for the duration of the show. 

Horses in pleasure classes must be exhibited in a snaffle bit only.

Special thanks to Ranges Country Clothing Fodder & Saddlery in Pt Augusta for kindly donating vouchers for ALL Champions in Ring 3. Ranges stock a wide range of country clothing and gift wear and have saddlery, fodder and veterinary products for animals large and small.


8.30am START


Ponies under 12.2hh must be ridden by a rider under 14 years

62.    Led Pony ne 12.2hh  

63.    Led Pony 12.2hh ne 14hh 

64.    Led Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

65.    Led Hack over 15hh ne 16hh

66.    Led Hack over 16hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION LED – winners of classes 62 to 66 inc

67.   Smartest on Parade under 12 yrs - LED

68.   Rider under 8yrs - LED

69.   Rider 8yrs and under 12yrs – LED

CHAMPION/RESERVE LED JUNIOR RIDER– winners of classes 68 and 69

70.   Pony Hack ne 12.2hh LED - Rider under 12yrs

71.   Pony Hack 12.2hh ne 14hh LED - Rider under 12yrs
72.   Child’s Pony ne 12.2hh LED - Rider under 12yrs

73.   Child’s Pony 12.2hh ne 14hh LED– Rider under 12yrs

CHAMPION/RESERVE PONY - LED - winners of classes 70 to 73 inc

74.   Maiden Pony ne 14hh

75.   Pony Hack ne 12.2hh

76.   Pony Hack 12.2hh ne 14hh 

77.   Lightweight pony hack ne 14hh

78.   Heavyweight pony hack ne 14hh

79.   Open pony hack ne 14hh

80.   Child’s Pony ne 12.2hh-Rider under 14yrs

81.   Child’s Pony 12.2hh ne 14hh– Rider under 18yrs

82.   Pleasure Pony ne 14hh ‘TEMPLEWOOD TIARA’ MEMORIAL TROPHY 
                                                                                                            donated by Covino Kennels

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION PONY– winners of classes 74 to 81 inc

83.   Maiden Galloway Hack 14hh ne 15hh

84    Galloway Hack 14hh ne 14.2hh

85.   Galloway Hack 14.2hh ne 15hh

86.   Lightweight Galloway Hack 14hh ne 15hh

87.   Heavyweight Galloway Hack 14hh ne 15hh

88.   Open Galloway Hack 14hh ne 15hh

89.   Childs Galloway 14hh ne 15hh - Rider under 18 years

90.   Pleasure Galloway Hack 14hh ne 15hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION GALLOWAY– winners of classes 83 to 89 inc  


91.   Maiden Hack over 15hh

92.   Hack 15hh ne 16hh

93.   Hack over 16hh

Section A – Horses in Action continued



94.   Lightweight Hack over 15hh

95.   Heavyweight Hack over 15hh

96.   Open Hack over 15hh

97.   Childs Hack over 15hh- Rider under 18 years

98.   Pleasure Hack over 15hh
CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION HACK – winners of classes 91 to 97 inc        




Winners of Champion Pony-Led, Pony, Galloway and Hack are eligible 
Garland donated by Samphire Park Stud and Prestige Show Garlands


99.    Most colourful horse

100.  Happiest combination

101.  Cutest horse

102.  Fattest horse                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

103.  Longest tail (closest to the ground)

104.  Fancy Dress








All entries $3.00 per class 
Horses to compete in either show horse OR show hunter classes, not both
Any horse/rider combination competing in ring 2 is INELIGIBLE to compete in ring 3 with the exception of classes 166 to 169 inclusive
It will be up to the judge’s discretion if classes/rings are held


                                                                       8.30am START

Ponies under 12.2hh must be ridden by a rider under 14 years
105.    Show hunter Galloway hack 14hh ne 14.2hh

106.    Show hunter Galloway hack 14.2hh ne 15hh

107.    Lightweight show hunter Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

108.    Heavyweight show hunter Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

109.    Open show hunter Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION SHOW HUNTER GALLOWAY – winners of classes 105 to 109 inc


110.   Show hunter Hack 15hh ne 15.2hh

111.   Show hunter Hack 15.2hh ne 16hh

112.   Show hunter Hack 16hh ne 16.2hh 

113.   Show hunter Hack over 16.2hh 

114.   Lightweight show hunter hack 15hh ne 6hh 

115.   Heavyweight show hunter hack 15hh ne 16hh

116.   Lightweight show hunter hack over 16hh

117.   Heavyweight show hunter hack over 16hh

118.   Open show hunter hack 15hh ne 16hh

119.   Open show hunter hack over 16hh


CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION SHOW HUNTER HACK–winners of classes 110 to 119 inc
120.    Rider 18yrs and under 21yrs

121.    Rider 21yrs and under 30yrs

122.    Rider 30yrs and over

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION SENIOR RIDER–winners of classes 120 to 122 inc

123.    Show hunter pony hack ne 11.2hh

124.    Show hunter pony hack 11.2hh ne 12hh

Section A – Horses in Action continued



125.    Show hunter pony hack 12hh ne 12.2hh

126.    Show hunter pony hack 12.2hh ne 13hh 

127.    Show hunter pony hack 13hh ne 13.2hh 

128.    Show hunter pony hack 13.2hh ne 14hh 

129.    Lightweight show hunter pony hack ne 12.2hh

130.    Heavyweight show hunter pony hack ne 12.2hh

131.    Lightweight show hunter pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

132.    Heavyweight show hunter pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh  

133.    Open show hunter pony hack ne 12.2hh

134.    Open show hunter pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh






Garland donated by Samphire Park Stud and Prestige Show Garlands

Voucher kindly donated by Laucke Mills


135.   Rider under 12 yrs

136.   Rider 12yrs and under 15yrs

137.   Rider 15yrs and under 18yrs
CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION JUNIOR RIDER–winners of classes 135 to 137

138.    Galloway hack 14hh ne 14.2hh

139.    Galloway hack 14.2hh ne 15hh

140.    Lightweight Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

141.    Heavyweight Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

142.    Open Galloway 14hh ne 15hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION GALLOWAY – winners of classes 138 to 142 inc

143.    Hack 15hh ne 15.2hh

144.    Hack 15.2hh ne 16hh

145.    Hack 16hh ne 16.2hh 

146.    Hack over 16.2hh 

147.    Lightweight hack 15hh ne 16hh 

148.    Heavyweight hack 15hh ne 16hh

149.    Lightweight hack over 16hh

150.    Heavyweight hack over 16hh

151.    Open hack 15hh ne 16hh

152.    Open Hack over 16hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION HACK – winners of classes 143 to 152 inc

153.    Shetland 10.2hh and under

154.    Pony hack ne 11.2hh

155.    Pony hack 11.2hh ne 12hh

156.    Pony hack 12hh ne 12.2hh

157.    Pony hack 12.2hh ne 13hh 

158.    Pony hack 13hh ne 13.2hh 

159.    Pony hack 13.2hh ne 14hh 

160.    Lightweight pony hack ne 12.2hh

161.    Heavyweight pony hack ne 12.2hh

162.    Lightweight pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

163.    Heavyweight pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

164.    Open pony hack ne 12.2hh

165.    Open Pony hack 12.2hh ne 14hh

CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION PONY – winners of classes 153 to 165 inc


Garland donated by Samphire Park Stud and Prestige Show Garlands

Voucher kindly donated by Laucke Mills






All entries $3.00 per class 
Competitors in ring 3 MAY compete in ring 2. It will be up to the judge’s discretion if classes/rings are held

All local events must be a local horse ridden by a local rider. A local horse to be owned or leased by a local resident in the local area – Whyalla Council District - for a minimum of 3 months prior to the event. Proof may be required. 


Special thanks to Ranges Country Clothing Fodder & Saddlery in Pt Augusta for kindly donating vouchers for ALL Champions in Ring 3. Ranges stock a wide range of country clothing and gift wear and have saddlery, fodder and veterinary products for animals large and small.


8.30am START


Ponies under 12.2hh must be ridden by a rider under 14 years


166.   Best Presented Pony Club Mount and Rider –must be in correct pony club uniform

167.   Pony Club Mount ne 14hh –must be in correct pony club uniform

168.   Pony Club Mount over 14hh –must be in correct pony club uniform

169.   Pair of Pony Club Mounts and Riders –must be in correct pony club uniform

170.   Smartest on Parade under 12 yrs 

171.   Smartest on Parade 12 yrs and under 18 yrs

172.   Smartest on Parade rider 18 yrs and over

173.   Local Pony ne 12.2hh

174.   Local Pony 12.2hh ne 14hh                             

175.   Local Galloway Hack 14hh ne 15hh

176.   Local Hack over 15hh


CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION LOCAL HORSE* – winners of classes 173 to 176 inc

                                                                                          BRIAN BARBER TROPHY

177.   Rider under 12yrs 

178.   Rider 12yrs and under 15yrs

179.   Rider 15yrs and under 18yrs
CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION JUNIOR RIDER – winners of classes 177 to 179 inc
180    Rider 18yrs and under 21yrs

181.   Rider 21yrs and under 30yrs

182.   Rider 30yrs and over
CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION SENIOR RIDER– winners of classes 180 to 182 inc

183.   Local Rider under 12yrs

184.   Local Rider 12yrs and under 15yrs

185.   Local Rider 15yrs and under 18yrs
CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION LOCAL JUNIOR RIDER – winners of classes 183 to 185 inc

                                                                       WHYALLA SHOW SOCIETY PERPETUAL TROPHY

186.   Local Rider 18yrs and under 21 yrs
187.   Local Rider 21yrs and under 30yrs

188.   Local Rider 30yrs and over
CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION LOCAL SENIOR RIDER – winners of classes 186 to 188 inc

Winners of Champion Junior, Senior, Local Junior and Local Senior Rider are eligible 

Garland donated by Samphire Park Stud and Prestige Show Garlands 




Sponsored by:  CSL Australia and EQUISSAGE

  1. All jumping classes will be run under EA National Jumping Rules.

  2. Competitors will not be required to have a current Competition License for their horses nor have their horses registered for classes 1.04m and under. 

  3. Height 1.05m and above and have $100 prize money or more are classes that count for points. 

  4. All competitors competing in classes 1.05m and above must be members of EA. 
    A Junior may compete in any Young Rider or Senior class provided the horse has a current Competition License if the starting height is 1.05m or above. 

  5. See article 255 NJR for age restrictions for Juniors and Young Riders and height restrictions for Juniors.

  6. Grading points will apply, where applicable.

  7. No more than 2 horses in the show jumping warm up area at a time.



8.30am START