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Saturday 8:00PM!
Bring the whole family to watch the amazing fireworks spectacular!

Once Again We Welcome


A host of animals, many with babies will be on view at the animal nursery. The cheeky little baby goats, sheeps and rabbits along with the rest of their travelling friends can’t wait to meet you at the show!.

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This year at the Whyalla Show you can experience the thrill and excitement of driving a race car thanks to REV IT UP and their  brand new "Junior Racing Experience"!

The show trailer includes 4 Racing Simulators all linked together so you can race your family and friends!

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Buster, is a fully sized Monster Truck that has been converted into 10 seater! Offering a unique experience, Buster rides can suit anybody, ranging from small children to adults. Buster is

fully insured and registered

with Safework SA!

Rides will be $10 per person!

Here comes Buster!


Factory FMX provides spectacular, high flying live action demonstrations with motocross bikes flying 30 feet high in the air & 75 feet long while performing the newest and craziest tricks in the sport!